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The Paleo Diet and Eliminating Sugar


What is the paleo diet - Once you begin the Paleo Diet, what you will notice right away is the Paleo diet will not enable the consumption of processed or sugary foods. Even though the Paleo weight loss program is challenging for some people, stopping sugar is the vital thing to your health.

What is the paleo diet - Sugar is within almost all processed foods in a single form or another and admittedly, sugar just tastes good for most of us - Never mind that it contains fats and is packed with unhealthy quantities of calories, which is a huge barrier for somebody attempting to lose weight. What's even crazier about sugar is that it is addictive. Essentially, the harder you eat, the more you'll crave sugar.

What the body will do with excessive quantities of sugar is turn it into fat. Where does this fat show up? You guessed it... on your own stomach, buttocks, thighs, and hips. The Paleo weight loss program is very specific about the right fats to consume.

Did you know that sugar is also what might be causing you to be feel tired? With excessive sugar consumption you could wake up feeling tired, instead of refreshed. What you might be tempted to do in this case is in fact consume more sugar. This will temporarily provide you with energy but soon you'll feel tired again. Thus, the cycle begins once again. You can feel better from your sugar high, however you soon will crash and you also start to feel worse. You are feeling a lot more tired and extremely hungry.

What is the reply to damaging the cycle of sugar addiction? Well, the most apparent way may not necessarily be the easiest. That is to get rid of as much sugar from your diet as you can.

You may make an impact in just cutting out sodas, crackers, muffins, cookies, and processed foods. You may also want to avoid fruits that are loaded with sugar. If weight loss can be your goal, attempt to only eat 1 to 2 items of fruit each day. This is exactly what you will discover within the Paleo diet.

Here are a few crazy information about high sugar consumption in your health. It raises your triglyceride levels and lowers your good (HDL) cholesterol. Low Hdl have been shown to cause heart attacks.

To give a little perspective, the safe amount an average joe can consume of sugar is about 8 teaspoons daily. That's about 100 calories for woman and 150 calories from sugar for males. That is what you'd find in it's possible to of soda!

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Rome was not integrated each day, nor are you going to kick the sugar habit in day. The best technique for a lot of people is to take small, but consistent steps to get rid of sugar in the diet. It is possible to begin by replacing sodas with herbal tea or water. Water will in reality quick start excess fat loss efforts by eliminating toxins out of your body.

You can also get many Paleo diet recipe books that will help you make tasty and healthy replacements for anyone sugary foods.

In order not to suffer those hunger attacks between meals, then satisfying that hunger using a sugary snack, you can start to eat regularly allowing your healthy snack between meals. If you keep your body well nourished with healthy foods you are able to overcome those sugar cravings within a few days.

Should you opt to quit the sugar habit completely the first two or three days will be the most challenging. It'll be in essence a sugar withdrawal. You will end up craving sugar however, you can replace sugar with well balanced meals like nuts or berries.

Now let's discuss stress. Stress is yet another reason for sugar cravings. When you are craving sugar while under stress, you may want to understand the cause of the stress and take steps to lessen or eliminate that stress out of your life. Stress can cause other serious health issues too like heart attack and death!

You might want to discover more about supplements like 5-HTP that will help reduce stress and sugar cravings as well.

The Paleo Diet

Here's where the Paleo Diet shines. Following the Paleo Diet you won't be consuming sugary foods and sugars seen in processed food, only sugars found naturally in foods. Once you eliminate sugar you need to notice a significant drop in weight quickly. That would be an enormous boost for your overall weight loss goals, and a healthier lifestyle.

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